A Beginners Guide To Sustainable Fashion


In the last 20 years, fast fashion has changed the way we view our clothes.  Now fashion is no longer seasonal, but is a constant flow of clothing that we are told we need in order to keep up with the latest trends. It is the drop in price of clothing which allows this to happen, but a drop in price inevitably leads to lesser quality items. Fast fashion now seems to be designed NOT to last rather than to stand the test of time ending up in landfill. Even through this continuous accumulation of cheap garments, do people find themselves with “nothing to wear” but a wardrobe bursting full of clothes.

If you are trying to be more environmentally conscious with your clothing purchases, here is a guide to start you on your way!

Be Intentional and purposeful with your purchases

First ask yourself if you really need it. Or will you even actually wear it? How many times have you bought something simply because you really like it on the hanger, but you know deep down you will never actually wear it. Ask yourself, does it go with something I already own or do I have something like this already? 

These are the first steps in being a conscious consumer and fighting fast fashion.  By reducing how many things you actually buy. 

If you don’t need something right now but you love it and know you will wear it, this means that you are going to make the most of the garment you purchase. The truth is, our clothing has a lifespan of about 2 years simply because people don’t want to wear the same things anymore. If we can extend this wear time by just 9 months, it will make a huge difference to the number of garments sent to landfill each year.


Shop responsibly

Shopping responsibly can be difficult because you need to look at what the garments are actually made from, or how they are produced. Avoiding green washing is difficult but if you know what you are looking out for then this can really help.

Try to look out for garments made from fabrics which are natural, such as organic cotton, bamboo or hemp. Or Oeko-Tex certified which tells you about how the fabric is processed and dyed. 

Shop for you!

So much of the issues around fast fashion has to do with feeling like you need to keep up with styles that are constantly changing. This means that once something has gone out of fashion, many of these items of clothing are discarded and never see the light of day again.

So shop for you and what you actually want to wear, rather than what you feel like you should be wearing. Create your own style and make it timeless! The slow fashion style is becoming more popular with increasing awareness of issues around climate change. Set your own trends and have fun with what you wear! And along the way you are reducing your impact on the planet.


Second-hand clothing

Shopping second hand is a great way to save unwanted clothing from going to waste. It gives clothes a second chance and extends the life of the garments. Vintage shopping can be a luxurious way to do this but regular thrift stores are just as good as a sustainable swap from fast fashion.

Fast fashion as an industry has developed a similar module of product consumption as that of single use plastic, leading to garments and fabric being discarded with ease. Giving clothing a second chance at life by swapping them with friends or buying second-hand is a great way to counter these issues.

Outfit repeat 

One of the easiest ways to encourage slow fashion is to become a proud outfit repeater. The truth is, most women only wear 20-30% of the clothes they own! If you like something, show it off!  Don’t feel like because you have worn it many times before you need something new.

We have all been drawn into this idea that we need a new outfit for a special occasion or simply because you wore that dress last time. Value your wardrobe for its individuality and that you like it. Forget what everyone else thinks. A great way to be a proud outfit repeater is to establish a capsule wardrobe.

By its very nature a capsule wardrobe means you repeat outfits over and over which limits garments being thrown away and extends the life of the fabric.

Mind Divine

At Mind Divine, fashion is about individuality and being unique. As a brand that has been created with a desire to make eco-conscious fashion available, you can find everything you need in one place.

Products are carefully curated and natural, putting handcrafted goods first and moving away from mass-manufacturing which is so detrimental to our planet.

Sustainable fashion is a privilege which is why Mind Divine strives to keep fashion clean and minimal so that every piece will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe and remain a timeless style.